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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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The teenagers

They make risky acts, are let in dangerous adventures.Under the influence of drugs and alcohol such teenagers make actions which can be incompatible with their life.The teenagers who were already trying to commit suicide, or teenagers, in whose family the suicide was made As a rule, teenagers try to commit suicide only once in life, however there are cases and repeated suicide attempt.There is it, as a rule, approximately in three months after the previous attempt.Watch closely the friend especially when since the suicide attempt made by him passed three months.

As a result

They complain that are concluded within four walls because of the child though are guilty of it.They involuntarily feel some hostility to the child though he also did not demand the so many victims.As a result such parents wait from the child in gratitude for the works too much.It is necessary to try not to go into extremes.It is necessary to carry out honestly the parental responsibilities, but also not to lose such pleasures which will not damage to your child.Then you will be able to love more the child and with great pleasure to show to him the love.

I asked

Recently I made a mistake, using the strict order when it was possible to manage a simple request.I wanted to bring an order to the house before return of the wife from conference, houses were both boys.I asked children to begin cleaning with their bedroom until I lay beds in the room.When I returned in a few minutes, saw instead of the tidiedup room the clothes which are thrown out on a floor from a case.Usually it is obedient children with whom it is easy to get on, and a short explanation and a simple request to move quite would be enough quicker.

It sitting

Other communication with the computer.It sitting at the screen both is strong, and is brave, he dashingly copes with any problem in a word, well done!And nobody reprimands.Also it is not necessary to talk to anybody.Of course, all in this history undoubted extremes.The boy unusual by nature had the true psychological dependence on game because of a compulsive invincible inclination; dependence is similar narcotic.Addiction to game in this case gained clearly pathological character, became a conditioning agent from reality, a factor of deepening of autism of the young man, a delay of his mental development and violation of social adaptation.


see page ; the picture Labyrinth see page .Occupation course Organizational moment.Suggest the child to consider images of heroes of the fairy tale on a color insert and to call each of them.Global reading.Ask the child to help you to tell the fairy tale.Tell that you will tell to read the fairy tale, doing pauses at appearance of the new character, and ask to choose it during a pause a figure of this character and to expose it on a table.Ask the child to call, who it.

They can prevent

If they learned to direct own antiauthoritative installations to the useful course and to control anger, they are capable to maintain stable balance in church when there come hard times or when it is shaken by internal disagreements.They can prevent to take to the people lusting power control and to use a community in the personal mercenary interests.Spiritually mature protsentnik can provide the sensible management in which our communities so are in great need.We see how these people use the talents in business and the professional sphere, and also at the leading and government positions.

It is necessary

The problem is so important that, underestimating it, it is possible to work great mischief to the identity of the child or even to ruin him.Any of problems which can arise at yours the son or the daughter from bad notes to the spoiled relationship and possible suicide is directly connected with unripe forms of expression of anger.It is necessary to do everything possible to save the child now and in the future.The violence captured families and society.Only we, the parents who are able to teach the children to the adequate address with anger.

Let's not make

Do not splash out together with water and the child We discussed four the most often meeting like inappropriate love and some wrong concepts.Of course, it is such relations which all of us would like to avoid.They are harmful both to children and to parents.However, trying to avoid these mistakes, let's not to splash out with water and the baby.Let's not make still the worst mistake and to deprive of our child of the corresponding love.It is the most banal of all mistakes connected with education.

You cannot

Most of parents including the author of the present book not always manages to achieve obedience.But if we remembered that children want to help us and to be useful, we would not do unpleasant duties of house instructions and would not give instructions, being in bad mood.You cannot wait from the child of constant responsibility for performance of the duties, even in years.Adults sometimes too are irresponsible.The child needs to remind.Try to show a maximum of patience and to do reminders in a polite form, selfevident tone as though you spoke with the adult.

Try to protect

The child can be frightened when you open an umbrella when earns the vacuum cleaner or the siren begins to sound, the dog will begin a bark, the train will hoot, even leaves will begin to rustle.Try to protect the child from frightening subjects until he gets used to them.If he is frightened by the vacuum cleaner, do not use it within several months the child of the house, at least, so far.And then turn on the vacuum cleaner when the child is in some distance.Fear of bathing.


In other words, information coming to a brain was presented to his consciousness in the distorted form.Therefore he only got confused.Secondly, it was in a depression, and it both created, and strengthened problems in study as it is very difficult for the person who is in a depression to concentrate.Thirdly, stirred it his passive and aggressive behavior.He revenged adults and purposely, though unconsciously that is without giving itself in it the report, behaved badly.Revenged those whom considered by the main authorities on the life to teachers and parents.

A lot of things

It is possible to consider that it really uses a pot only when he learns to do everything from beginning to end usually between and , years.A lot of things depend on encouragement of mother and from that, panties how easily are removed.But almost till years emergencies are possible from time to time: on walk, outdoors or during gastric frustration.Relation of parents to a schooling problem to a pot.It is also important and also various, as well as the relation of children.On one pole the parents who are not attaching great value to schooling to a pot.

Both that, and another

Sense of shame and fault for the comprehended failure can push them to thought of a suicide.Teenagers with bad progress at school Teenagers who are difficultly for studying and which therefore badly are in time, often suffer from a low selfassessment and, as a result, are depressed.Both that, and another can lead to a suicide.Such pupils can appear and among your friends.Can be even, they complained to you, what they do not have enough abilities?Actually it not defect, but discrepancy: other methods which would give them the chance to graduate from school and to receive a profession are necessary for training of such teenagers.

Here I had to interfere

Of course, it is a case where singularity of behavior of the exceptional child in ordinary life was shown in extreme degree.Here I had to interfere as the expert; but no treatment would help, remain the child in former conditions of training.The boy did not stop being both strange, and lonely; but when it appeared in a physical and mathematical class with an expanded programme where allowed it the external studies and it jumped at once through two classes, my patient ceased to wander during lessons: the program corresponded to power of his intelligence.

If you appeared

In this case for cleaning of skin of the child it is possible to use mineral oil.If eczema worsens at cold, windy weather, find the place protected from a wind for walks.If you appeared in the district where there is no doctor, and at your small child the strong itching eczema began, to it will not damage or maybe transition from fresh to powdered milk will bring benefit.It is possible also to stop adding sugar to milk and to limit consumption of porridges that the child did not put on weight too quickly.

But, if at the child

As soon as mother ceases to worry, she ceases to cringe to the child.In couple of days after small skirmishes everything comes back to norm.But, if at the child the long illness or an illness threatens to return, and parents at heart the people who are easily panicing for a long time existing atmosphere of excessively precautionary care can have an untoward influence on a morale of the child.He will apprehend concern of adults and can become exacting.If the child is too delicate for this purpose, he can become simple sensitive and easily excitable, as the spoiled actor.

Yes, Debbie's reason

Though Debbie's parents really sincerely loved her and cared of it, she did not feel this love.Yes, Debbie's reason all understood and never would tell nobody that they do not love her.But the live feeling and the warm attitude towards itself it lacked the most important.To understand this situation not easy because Debbie's parents loved the daughter and tried as soon as could provide it to all necessary.Mr.and Mrs.Batten used all knowledge which is available for them and listened to a practical advice of experts.

Besides, sexual

The child gets used to sleep with parents and will be afraid to sleep in their absence.The it is more senior, the it is more difficult to transfer it to the certain room.Besides, sexual intercourse of parents can frighten the child, he will not understand that occurs, and will be frightened.Will seem to parents that the child sleeps, but children's psychiatrists claim that often the child wakes up and lies silently in fear, and parents of it do not notice.However do not think that risk to frighten the child or to make it too dependent on parents so it is great.

If the child

In other words, if he sucks a breast of minutes, he will receive almost as much milk, how many and in minutes.If you allow the child to suck a breast so much, how many he wants, you with surprise are convinced that once he will suck only minutes, and another minutes.This example proves surprising adaptability of a mammary gland to needs of the child.If the child sucks only one breast in each feeding and does not want any more, you will not force it to suck more.But the child who sucks both mammary glands in each feeding and nevertheless sucks a finger, represents other problem.

If to show

Answers questions of the adult on the picture if a plot and characters are familiar: Who that it?, That does?Can tell about contents of the picture in two three offers.If to show to the child subjects familiar to it a ball, a cup, a spoon, a pencil, a cap etc.and to ask as they are called What is it?, by two and a half years he calls all subjects.Active speech Calls many parts of a body.Active lexicon so big that it is almost impossible to count number of the words said by the child.

Of course, it is the in the beginning

Husbands who opened this secret, can only envy.A hundred times the increased love which is given it in reply by the wife, is invaluable; in my opinion, this most precious treasure in the world.Of course, it is the in the beginning difficult most to show tenderness and attention but when the husband tests as far as reciprocal geniality and care of his wife as far as her love amplifies increases, it becomes easier for it to begin the first.If there are exceptions, to me they did not meet yet.

The child

, Let's make that they became beautiful, we will combine drawings, Take a big nested doll, enclose in it average etc.The twoyearold child likes the dolls able to sound.The new doll has to have also hair.The child of the third year of life with pleasure will comb them.The doll with the closed eyes will allow the kid to fill game with the new contents.After all on the third year of life the child starts assuming a role, and it means that it represents mother, the doctor, the driver.

And so day by day. It seems

Percent told

percent told about the serious crisis connected with stresses which was at least once during their service.percent considered themselves improper for work.percent considered that education did not prepare them sufficiently to conform to all requirements of a pastoral position.percent told that now their selfassessment is lower, than at the beginning of pastoral activity.percent reported that at least once a month at them happens the serious conflict to any of parishioners.

Then parents

But our pediatrician examined him two weeks ago.Whether it is necessary to lead it to the endocrinologist?To make the electroencephalogram?Help us!It is necessary to rescue Thomas!We so love our son, doctor Campbell!What can we make to help it?It is necessary urgently to undertake something.Then parents left, and in my office there was Tom.I was struck by his pleasant, inspiring sympathy appearance.He stood, having hung the head, and occasionally frowningly glanced at me, at once looking away.

For maintenance

For maintenance of interest of the child in toys and actions with them it is necessary to put periodically in order toys, to bring together them, to display in places and to draw attention of the kid to it.Actively uses for communication and various gestures.As a sign of objection or a protest moves the head here and there gesture no.Points a finger at that thing which interests him or which he wants fig..Part of children start it doing from months, but the majority uses this gesture about , months.


If the child gets used to suck a finger and you bethink only in some weeks or months, he most likely will refuse a baby's dummy.He gets used to pleasant feeling which the sosaniye causes both in a mouth, and in a finger.Therefore if you decided to use a pacifier, give it in the first weeks of life.In what time of day to give a baby's dummy?It is logical to give it when the child looks for a mouth and tries to suck fingers, clothes and everything that can get.In the first months the child is awake only before feeding.


It is harder and harder to concentrate on it for it, and it seems that the more he tries, the worse at it it turns out.Naturally, it conducts to irritability because the teenager starts blaming himself that he stupid, does assumptions that he does not have enough mental capacities to perform this work.Can imagine as it influences its selfassessment.Dreams in reality.Deterioration of attention influences behavior of the teenager in a class.At first it, perhaps, will also be capable to concentrate on work during almost all lesson, distracting only for some minutes in its end.

But only

the Christian spirit advised, encouraged and corrected me, and I tried to be the good father who would be remembered long by his children who became adults.But only recently I really found those means and ways of education which all of us look for, trying to become pious parents, the means and ways concerning not only to art to be the parent, but also connected with spiritual, Christian growth.It is sure that when Jesus spoke Seeing Me saw the Father, He meant something much bigger, than secret of the Trinity.

In this case

In this case the child has an opportunity to hear himself not only at the time of the statement, but also as if from the party to hear and estimate the speech.By drawing up the abstract of occupation, premeditation its contents should be considered that speech material during occupation needs to be complicated gradually, consistently, in dependence on a stage of work on a sound for example, at an automation stage in words the sound at first has to be fulfilled separately, then in syllables, and then in words.


To state the main complaints.To argue logically and structurally.Loudly to show discontent, it is bad to behave.To swear.To splash out irritation on somebody else, but not on the one who is its source.To state the complaints which are not connected with an irritation source.To throw something.To break something.Roughly to swear, offend someone.Emotionally destructive behavior, loss of control over itself.To do physical harm.

But, arriving

I know that it is hard.But, arriving thus, you mature.You also rescue yourself and the children from big vital problems which, do not arrive you so, can arise later.You can ask: And how to be with the child who only and is engaged in that, what verbally expresses anger, even then, when there was nothing concrete, what could cause his indignation?Some children endlessly splash out the anger.In such a way they manipulate parents and achieve the.It absolutely not that anger concerning a concrete situation.

There are two basic

A method at which since the beginning of the second year of life mother notices urination time.There are two basic principles of training of the child to urinate in a pot.If mother prefers to begin training as soon as possible as she probably began at the end of the first or at the beginning of the second year to accustom the child to defecate in a pot if its chair is regular, she can start putting the child on a pot when the child remains dry within hours.When it occurs, you can be almost sure that: the bladder got stronger enough.

It is possible

But would be a mistake to treat the child's pronunciation too seriously and constantly to carp at it.What to do with the child who in , or in years says so muffledly, what other children cannot understand him and laugh at him?First of all it is necessary to check his hearing.It is possible to address to the logopedist.But it has to be the expert who is able to treat small children and to make lessons interesting.You will find the logopedist or not, the child has to be as much as possible in society of children, it is desirable the age.

The depressed

The suicide can become an exit from this condition of a hopelessness.The depressed teenagers lose interest in life, in people who surround them.They cease to communicate with friends, cease to do that did with interest earlier.A look at them sad, suppressed, they sleep much, talk usually low, tired voice.Impression such as if they live with a great effort.They are involved in a vicious circle: the depression conducts to alienation, alienation generates melancholy, melancholy a new round of a depression.

Often he looks

Many children at this age continue to throw one subject behind another on a floor: dump them from a table, throw out toys from a bed.You should not support this game a habit, constantly lifting a toy and giving to the child that he again threw it.Actions with toys are followed by emotions.They are shown in a mimicry of the child and intonations of a voice.Often he looks at the adult, especially in new or difficult situations, including interrogatively.Or shout, whims draws with smiles, peeping in eyes attention of the close adult.

Mother warns

One my acquaintance always in detail explains to the child why she forbids it something to do.Jackie, do not touch the doctor's lamp because you will break it and the doctor will not see.Jackie looks at a lamp with concern and mutters: The doctor does not see.In a minute he tries to open a door on the street.Mother warns him: Do not go to the street.Jackie can be lost and mother will not find him.Poor Jackie considers this new danger and mutters: Mother will not find it.It is not necessary to speak to the child about so many possible misfortunes.

We, parents, have

The child can be sick or hit, and his susceptibility is not absolutely predictable at this time.Sometimes the illness or pain can increase its ability to perceive attachment and tenderness, sometimes, on the contrary, it can hide even more deeply in the sink, as a snail.We, parents, have to be constant on the alert to take that advantage which this opportunity gives us and to show love to the child when he is sick or suffers.The child will never forget these precious specific minutes of emotional bond.


Round it heated arguments though in those days perceived a problem rather as theoretical, but not as real inflamed.However came true even more, than the author predicted.Doctor Benjamin Spock, the glorified children's doctor, claims that the condition of modern society drives him to despair.In the book the Best world for our children it says that it is grieved deeply by cruelty of the world where children daily face stains and violence where they should escape from bullets, but not to play a ball.

In the summer

Do not let the child to the pool as a large number of people uses it.But it is excessive to forbid the child to see companions.If you wanted to be so careful with it until the end of life, it should hold all life it locked up.Doctors suspect that cooling and exhaustion do the person more subject to this illness.In the summer children bathe much; remaining in water too long, they overcool.It is not necessary to allow the child to be in water to blue in the face from cold and before that it will start knocking teeth.


The child is held on the right track mainly by healthy education and confidence that parents trust him, but not those rules to which they teach it.But are necessary to the teenager and governed, and consciousness that parents pay it enough attention to teach it these rules filling gaps in its life experience.Rivalry with parents.The intensity arising sometimes in the relations between teenagers and their parents partially is explained by natural rivalry.The teenager realizes that the turn to conquer the world, to attract an opposite sex, to be the father or mother came.

But do not paste

If the place of an inoculation is not protected by clothes, it is possible to paste by means of a plaster a sterile gauze small square over an inoculation place to protect it from combing.But do not paste a plaster round a hand as it can interfere with normal blood circulation.From that day when on a heatspot there is a gnoynichok, the child is not bathed in a tray, and washed until the crust disappears.Though heavy reaction to an inoculation and complications happen seldom, it is necessary to show the child to the doctor if his hand is strongly inflamed, or it has a high temperature or if does not come improvements even for the th day.

The doctor

If you found the skilled doctor who understands problems of your child, be not upset with it and consult regularly.The doctor who knows the child and the family for some time which is able to give more wise advice, than the doctor to whom addressed for the first time.Besides, from the psychological point of view of the child with a physical defect harmfully to drive from one doctor to another.If you read about new opening in the field of a disease which your child has, consult to your attending physician better instead of immediately addressing to the inventor.

It is easy

Certainly, everything that we discussed in this book, is applicable and to these precious children.But their parents are hardly able to afford to be mistaken.It is easy for them to get to the vicious circle created by rage and sense of guilt.The earlier they realize, what dangers trap them, the better.The more long the difficult situation lasts, the it will be more difficult to correct consequences, especially if it is about antiauthoritative installations.Yes, as we were convinced, the success can come and to patients and the weakened children.

Check, whether

That is why it is impossible to subject the child to the slightest risk of infection with tuberculosis.Do not admit the child to the person who had tuberculosis.Check, whether confirms medical and radiological research that this person finally recovered.That is why, if at any of family members chronic cough, it is necessary to survey it in an antitubercular clinic or at therapists.At children of advanced age tuberculosis meets quite often, but usually proceeds benign.


To continue to learn to answer questions with the developed predklozheniye.To develop thinking, memory, attention, a small motility.EQUIPMENT Picture or doll Sveta; pictures with the image of children; toy teaser Snowman; a set subject a kartiknok with a sound with in the name and without it; set of steam rooms kartiknok; dotted image of a pan; pictures Snowmen.Organizational moment Logopedist.Today we will get acquainted with the girl Sveta.The dream as though she made friends with a snowman dreamed it, and they together play.

Teeth suffer

Rough cellulose of fruit and vegetables affects teeth, as a toothbrush.All of us eat the food containing starch, but usually only in certain hours.Besides, bread, grain of a rough grinding and potatoes does not stick to teeth for a long time.Teeth suffer from frequent perekusyvaniye out of the schedule especially if it is the food which for a long time is getting stuck in teeth as sweet and starch.Care of teeth.Some doctors advise to start brushing the child's teeth when there are first molars, i.


Aged from till years the child if he same as all other children, wants to know, from where in general children undertake.Answers to these questions are available in section Better to say to the child the truth, but in a form simple and available to his understanding.But, when the foster mother will explain to him that children grow up in mother's stomach, he will begin to think how it is combined with that story which mother told it earlier.Can be then, and can be some months later he will ask: And I too grew up in your stomach?


Besides, you it is aware of abuses which are created in the religious world, even even more largescale, than described here.God our character most of all worries.And we too need to worry about it is about our own character, character of our children and those people which have influence on our families, especially in church.Character to a great extent is defined by existence or absence of integrity.And the integrity as you remember, means that the person tells the truth, keeps the word and is responsible for own behavior.


Then ask the child to put the picture on a table.On the course of action of the fairy tale the child consistently spreads on a table of the picture with the image of all characters of the fairy tale in process of their emergence and calls them.Development of the grammatical party of the speech.Suggest the child to look at pictures One and much see page and, according to the child's opportunities, ask him or to show, where a frog, and where frogs, where a hare, and where hares, or consistently to list all who is drawn on pictures.


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